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Nationwide, we have helped our clients make large-scale engineering projects a reality.

Moving the world of today for tomorrow’s airport

When a major U.S. airport planned to expand with new runways, taxiways, ramps, terminals, and parking, the owner of property adjacent to airport asked HHNT to help achieve his goal of providing millions of cubic yards of soil fill for the massive project. The primary goals were maximizing cost-effectiveness and minimizing disruption to three heavily-trafficked […]

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Providing natural disaster response services

Local and State municipalities face many challenges in the wake of a catastrophic event.  In order to begin rebuilding the areas impacted by disasters, time sensitive decisions are needed to develop a course of action to properly transfer, store and dispose of storm debris.  The team of experienced engineers and environmental scientists at HHNT work […]

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Establishing a surface mine: navigating through the regulatory maze

How to move from seven years of frustration to a 24-month path to success . . . The permitting of a rock quarry is relatively easy, in and of itself. However, the permitting of multiple environmental impacts, all of which interact with each other, can be highly challenging and must be coordinated and managed together […]

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Opening a landfill in record time increases owner’s profits

Opening a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill in a large Southern city is no small task. The process can be complex, and time lost is revenue lost. For over twenty years, HHNT has developed a positive reputation in the solid waste industry for one reason: Our proven ability to successfully perform in this arena.   […]

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Finding economical solutions for a facility in compliance trouble

It is common practice for an industry to use internal personnel to meet environmental compliance needs. For years, submitting annual reports and conducting a few tests to monitor air quality and groundwater may have been all that was required. What if one day a state environmental compliance inspector shows up and requests to inspect the […]

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Cost effective, environmentally sound CCR management & disposal

Coal Combustion Residues (CCR), more commonly known as coal ash, is a unique material demanding knowledge and expertise for proper disposal. HHNT’s extensive experience with waste landfills and CCR disposal helps ensure each project is safe, profitable, and meets regulatory compliance requirements. Coal ash consists of the materials which remain after the burning of coal […]

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