Opening a landfill in record time increases owner’s profits

Opening a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill in a large Southern city is no small task.

A complex process

The process can be complex, and time lost is revenue lost. For over twenty years, HHNT has developed a positive reputation in the solid waste industry for one reason: Our proven ability to successfully perform in this arena.In the past decade, only two green field landfill permits have been issued in the state of Georgia; HHNT obtained both. Our engineers have permitted hundreds of landfills throughout the U.S. Our company has successfully obtained permits in volatile political environments. HHNT invests the time and energy to ensure the client’s goals are reached, while adequately addressing any questions or concerns being raised at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

A balanance of engineering, science, and politics

HHNT begins the process by conducting site searches for the facility. This step involves fatal flaw analyses to ensure that the facility will prove to be acceptable for its purpose and hold up under scrutiny from regulatory agencies and legal challenges. Once a site is selected, HHNT understands that the permitting process is a balance of engineering, science, and politics. Earth scientists look at wetlands, endangered species, geology, hydrology, and cultural resources to determine the most environmentally sound methods for permitting the site. Site design carries a site through the entire life of the facility. The design engineer’s experience determines whether the site can be operated economically from day one through closure some 20 to 40 years in the future – and HHNT has the best designers for this task.

The value of expertise

Experience plays a critical role in the permit application process – it can be the difference between a permit that is successfully appealed, slowing your project, and a solid permit that withstands opposition. HHNT has extensive experience contesting appeals, and our continued success is a testament to our understanding of the appeals process and our commitment to providing solutions. Our expertise helps ensure your project is exposed to fewer delays, shortening the overall time to completion and faster realization of revenue. Whether you are an individual creating a landfill, a developer expanding your reach into landfilling, or a national solid waste company building a site in a new region, we can help turn your plans into a successfully operating facility.

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