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Handling a Notice of Violation of State Regulations

Violation of State Regulations

It is common practice for an industry to use internal personnel to meet environmental compliance needs. For years, submitting annual reports and conducting a few tests to monitor air quality and groundwater may have been all that was required. What if one day a state environmental compliance inspector shows up and requests to inspect the facility? What if the inspector develops a list of deficiencies that result in the facility being issued a Notice of Violation of State Regulations? Would you know what to do in this situation? HHNT does, and we can help.

Full time job

Environmental compliance has become more than a fulltime job, and many industries are finding they do not have the time or energy to fully address every rule and regulation. We have made it our business to have a thorough understanding of environmental regulations at all levels of government. With this knowledge base, HHNT is able to offer clients both proactive and reactive treatments to scenarios like the one described above to ensure your business is always in compliance with environmental regulations. HHNT has established professional relationships with every environmental regulatory agency with which we work. These relationships have allowed HHNT to help negotiate acceptable solutions between clients and government agencies. These solutions have included corrections to non-compliant issues for the regulatory agency and reduction of fines and less costly fixes for the client. In other cases we have been able to prove that regulators have exceeded the law. We possess the thorough understanding of the regulations which allows us to successfully “push back” on your behalf, reducing future costs to build and operate your facility. When your consultant and the environmental regulatory agency have mutual respect for each other and each seeks the common goal of protection of the environment, everyone wins.

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