Cost effective, environmentally sound CCR management & disposal

The coal burning industry is changing and the EPA is in the process of promulgating new rules and regulations.

Coal Combustion Residuals

Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR), more commonly known as coal ash, is a unique material demanding knowledge and expertise for proper disposal. HHNT’s extensive experience with waste landfills and CCR disposal helps ensure each project is safe, profitable, and meets regulatory compliance requirements.Coal ash consists of the materials which remain after the burning of coal at power facilities. CCRs can include bottom ash, fly ash, boiler slag and flue gas desulfurized gypsum. These residuals are sometimes hydrated and then transported as a wet slurry from the power plant to storage and disposal facilities. The slurry is allowed to settle in open impoundments or man-made lakes, where solids settle to the bottom and liquid is collected and removed. This type of coal ash management system is the most prevalent type used throughout the southeastern United States. Coal ash may also be dry stacked in piles or landfills, sometimes with environmental controls and sometimes without. The meticulous environmental regulations imposed by local, state, and federal government necessitate more secure and more environmentally concise options for safe, long term storage.

Industry is changing

HHNT has worked on more than 500 solid waste landfills throughout the United States. HHNT worked first hand with a major disaster project which underwent extensive regulatory scrutiny, and we helped develop unique handling and disposal protocols. Our team of engineers and scientists possess the experience and expertise to successfully address all the unique challenges associated with permitting, designing, and providing operational assistance to waste facilities that handle these special types of waste.
The coal burning industry is changing and the EPA is in the process of promulgating new rules and regulations. Our thorough understanding of the options for disposal, the cost associated with the various approaches, and the ability to guide a client to the most cost effective disposal method places HHNT in the forefront for solving future challenges in the handling and disposal of CCRs. This expertise is the result of working with financial forecasts for numerous waste facilities. Understanding true costs and minimizing surprises are critical to the management of CCRs for the power industry.

The value of a consultant

Utilizing a consultant experienced in this unique and specialized field adds value to the decision making process as companies seek cost effective, publicly supported and environmentally sound solutions for CCR disposal. Whether within a Subtitle “D” solid waste disposal facility or in separate facilities developed on plant sites for coal ash disposal, HHNT’s experience in this area can help assure success in the management of this material.

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