Establishing a surface mine: navigating through the regulatory maze

How to move from seven years of frustration to a 24-month path to success

Multiple environmental impacts

The permitting of a rock quarry is relatively easy, in and of itself. However, the permitting of multiple environmental impacts, all of which interact with each other, can be highly challenging and must be coordinated and managed together rather than individually. Our client planned to construct a new rock quarry in order to help meet the need for construction aggregates throughout the southeastern United States. The site he selected involved impacts to multiple jurisdictional wetlands and streams, impacts to a rare Piedmont plantation, relocation of two county roads, the construction of a new bridge on a state highway, several miles of new rail, multiple state and local storm water permits, as well an air quality permit. Due to the complexity and degree of impacts, our client had spent seven years trying to navigate a dozen different permits, but was still unable to make the project a reality.

Securing permits and taking over management

To overcome seemingly insurmountable problems, HHNT was contacted and asked to manage the entire program, including acquisition of all permits and oversight of construction. Our success through the years has been our ability to find the best consultant for each component of the project, whether from our own staff of design, consulting, and permitting engineers, or from among the best engineering experts in the country. Given the complexity of this project, it was imperative that we secure the services of highly qualified and respected personnel. Our goal for the client was to bring together a group of professionals with a proven history of successful project management. Our ability to put together the right team paid off for the client. Within two years, HHNT had secured all of the permits required for construction and operation.

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