Providing natural disaster response services

On-site monitoring, permitting, and remediation efforts for Temporary Debris Staging and Reduction sites (TDSR)

An impact of catastrophic events

Local and State municipalities face many challenges in the wake of a catastrophic event. In order to begin rebuilding the areas impacted by disasters, time sensitive decisions are needed to develop a course of action to properly transfer, store and dispose of storm debris. The team of experienced engineers and environmental scientists at HHNT work to provide management and consulting services related to on-site monitoring, permitting, and remediation efforts for Temporary Debris Staging and Reduction sites (TDSR). Our goal is to assure the clean-up does not add to the already significant environmental impact.

Thorough remediation process

In April of 2011, a series of 55 tornados devastated the State of Alabama, claiming the lives of over 200 people and leaving tens of thousands more without homes. The magnitude of destruction necessitated the collaboration between many government entities and the private sector to begin providing relief services in the impacted communities. Following the tornados, HHNT worked closely with contractors, the Alabama Department of Environment Management and the U.S. Corps of Engineers to ensure that all local, state, and federal environmental rules and regulations were adequately addressed throughout the remediation process. This included performing limited due diligence evaluations on 36 Municipal Solid Waste and Construction & Demolition Landfills throughout the disaster area. Additionally, ­­over 70 TDSR sites were environmentally evaluated. We again provided similar services for the tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri area later that year.

Proactive environmental solutions

For over 20 years, HHNT has been committed to providing proactive environmental solutions for our clients. A community is most vulnerable following a disaster, and decisions must be made with a sense of urgency. These decisions often have long reaching impacts. The right decisions can save time and money in an effort to begin rebuilding successfully. The wrong ones can amplify environmental damages and further debilitate a community. HHNT will work with clients in these time critical situations to prevent further harm to the environment by ensuring the right decisions are made.

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