Surface Mining

HHNT began providing services to the surface mining industry in 1990, giving us the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your project is a success.

Surface Mining Expertise

HHNT is unique in that we have been involved with many diverse and challenging projects with respect to responsible use and mining of natural resources. All of our projects have involved many layers of regulatory permitting and compliance and we have successfully navigated these sometimes complex processes for the benefit of our clients.

Wetland and cultural resources
Best management practices plan
Design and permitting of the mine and mine expansion
Zoning and other local issues
Surface mining land use plan and permitting
NPDES stormwater permitting
Threatened and endangered species
Water withdrawal permits
Stormwater management

Guiding projects through local, state, & federal regulations.

Representative Clients

HHNT is a go-to resource for small-to-large private and public entities. Some facilities for which we have provided design, permitting, and operational assistance include:

Aggregates USA (aggregate)
Martin Marietta (aggregate)
Erdene Resource Development (processing)
Cherokee Brick & Tile Company (clay)
Savannah Sand Company (sand)
Houston American Cement (limestone)
Pierce County Board of Commissioners (soil)
Stephens Industries (soil and aggregate)
National Waste Company (soil)
Southern Ionics, Inc. (industrial mineral sand)

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