Solar Energy

As environmental professionals, HHNT provides permitting, design, ecological and construction support services related to solar sites throughout the southeast.

Solar Expertise

HHNT provides engineering planning and ecological services related to the development of solar energy facilities. Our institutional knowledge of the rules and regulations unique to the southeast as well as our professional relationship with State Regulators, allow HHNT to successfully engineer solutions to environmental permitting, design, and construction projects in a timely and cost effective manner. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, we act as an advocate for our clients to navigate the difficult environmental regulatory systems and provide solutions to ensure every project is a success.

HHNT has the expertise and regulatory insight to power site development for solar energy projects. We work with clients to adapt solar systems to specific sites, including:

Site Suitability and Conceptual Planning
Local Planning and Zoning Research
Rezoning and Conditional Use Permitting
Wetland and Stream Delineation and Permitting
Threatened and Endangered Species Assessment
Land Disturbance / NPDES Construction Activity Permitting
Stormwater Management Design and Calculations
Site Civil Design
DOT Encroachment Permitting
Engineering Support
Construction Assistance

Expertise in Environmental Engineering

Representative Clients

HHNT employees have provided comprehensive consulting, design, engineering, ecology, and/or permitting services for the following companies:

SolAmerica Energy
Heelstone Energy
Private Landowners

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