Municipal Services

HHNT’s proven track record makes us the go-to resource for governmental entities in Georgia and throughout the U.S.

Public Entity Sectors Served

Due to our years of making our clients successful and our niche services offered, we serve all levels and layers of public entities.

Municipal governments
County governments
State agencies
Water and sewer authorities
Economic development authorities
Industrial development authorities
Urban development authorities
Colleges and universities

Our most experienced team members work on every project.

Public Sector Services - Solid Waste Management

Our expertise in solid waste management services has made us the “go-to” solid waste firm in the southeast.

Municipal solid waste
Construction/demolition waste
Inert debris waste
Waste transfer and recycling
Convenience/drop-off centers

Public Sector Services - Planning & Management

With over 25 years of consulting and planning experience, we provide critical levels of public service sector planning and management.

Facilities master planning
Program management
Strategic planning
Cost estimating
Funding applications
Facility studies
Geographic Information System (GIS)

Bringing clarity to environmental regulations you must follow.

Public Sector Services - Water Resources

With hundreds of storm water projects under our belt, we provide a complete suite of services for water resources.

Stormwater quality
Wastewater treatment collection and pumping
Water distribution storage and pumping
Stormwater pollution prevention plans
Erosion and sedimentation control plans
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) construction activity and industrial activity

Public Sector Services - Environmental Services

Our environmental services niche has taken on large and small projects all over the country.

Wetland delineation and permitting
Threatened and endangered species evaluation
Spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans
Environmental compliance tracking/audits
Environmental site assessments
Property condition assessments
Environmental due diligence

And More

Construction: Administration, inspection, quality, and budgeting. Transportation: Urban streets, railway systems, and Georgia DOT certified projects. Site Work: Utilities, parking and road systems, storm drainage systems, industrial parks/GRAD applications. Recreation: Ball fields/tennis courts, parks/walking trails, pedestrian walkways, and multi-purpose facilities.

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