Industry Solutions

We have decades of experience in the design, permitting, and consulting on complex environmental facilities for numerous industrial clients throughout the U.S.

Industrial Sectors Served

No matter the industry, HHNT has over two decades of experience making your projects successful. Regardless of the challenge, Industries require environmental permitting, compliance, reporting, state and federal permits and local permits to do business. These permits are critical to our clients’ approval to do business.

Pulp and paper
Sand mining
Lime rock mining
Hard rock mining
Specialty clays mining
Waste management
Airline, freight, and rail
Metal fabrications
Oil and gas

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Industrial Sector Services - Water Resources Design & Permitting

HHNT provides a full range of water resource design, permitting and consulting services. All Industrial sectors have storm water or wastewater that must be properly planned for, managed, treated and either retained or discharged. Without proper measures, permits and plans in place, an industry can find itself in a challenging environment that requires remediation and increased infrastructure construction which both increase operating and capital costs to the facility. HHNT stands able to help our clients navigate these waters in order to make their facility the most competitive and environmentally well-kept facilities in their field.

Stormwater quality
Stormwater permitting
Industrial wastewater treatment
Water treatment and storage
Stormwater pollution prevention plans
Erosion and sedimentation control plans
NPDES construction activity
NPDES industrial activity

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Industrial Sector Services - Design & Permitting

It is critical for Industrial facilities to plan their property and plants out in the most cost-effective manner possible. That includes both the initial construction, improvement planning and day to day operation. HHNT has over 25 years of proven track results in this field to provide a highly successful design and layout for your site.

Conceptual layout
Parking and road systems
Stormwater management system
Facility site design
Water/wastewater distribution
Cost benefit analysis


HHNT also provides a full range of construction services. We do not just design the facility. We help our clients build it and manage the construction budgets to see our design meet the clients' goals. We also provide budgeting and financial modeling services for our clients so that appropriate capital planning is in place and available when needed for improvements on a facility or to streamline the site to make it more competitive in the marketplace.


Facility Management

Once you are up and running, HHNT has a proven track record of assisting our clients in running their business through a list of business services that are in constant demand.

Project management
Strategic planning
Construction bidding
Business pro forma consulting
Cost estimation

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