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We have vast experience in developing, permitting, and constructing compensatory stream and wetland mitigation projects.

Waters of the United States

Hundreds of wetland and stream delineations throughout the American Southeast, Texas, and the Dakotas have been conducted by HHNT personnel. Properties that were evaluated for Waters of the U.S. range in size from a quarter-acre residential lot to 5,000 acres to 800-mile pipeline corridors. Upon completion of the delineation effort, HHNT presents the findings to various state regulatory authorities–primarily the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)–in order to obtain formal approval of the delineation effort. Once agency concurrence has been obtained, project planners can develop site plans and establish whether impacts to jurisdictional Waters of the U.S. will be necessary.

We specialize in developing the project's purpose and need.

Waters of the United States Impact Permitting

Numerous jurisdictional wetland and stream impact permits have been completed and received approval from various state agencies and the USACE. Project impacts for these permit approvals range from minor 0.1-acre disturbances to thousands of feet of stream to 100+ acre wetland impacts. Successful impact permitting is dependent upon the size of the requested impact and the ability of the applicant to justify the purpose and need of the project. For large footprint projects that clearly will require significant wetland and/or stream impacts, HHNT specializes in developing the project purpose and need, along with an alternative analysis (both onsite and offsite alternatives) that justifies the project to regulatory authorities. Initially submitting a complete permit package inclusive of other assessments that could be required during the permit process (protected species, cultural resources, compensatory mitigation plan) is the most effective way to reduce permitting timeframes and costs.

All mitigation projects require a turn-key approach.

Threatened & Endangered Species

HHNT personnel have conducted hundreds of protected species (state and federal) habitat evaluations and surveys throughout the southeastern U.S. Because this is typically conducted simultaneously with the Waters of the U.S. delineation process, the same aforementioned property sizes apply. Additionally, when protected species were identified to be within or close proximity to the project area, HHNT personnel have completed both Section 7 and Section 10 coordination procedures with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Upon successful completion of the federal coordination process, some projects required species relocations that were facilitated by HHNT personnel.

From small preservation sites to 1,000+ acre commercial mitigation banks.

Mitigation Services/Sales

HHNT personnel have vast experience in developing, permitting, and constructing compensatory stream and wetland mitigation projects. Completed mitigation projects range from small preservation sites to 1,000+ acre commercial mitigation banks that require both stream and wetland restoration. HHNT believes that successful mitigation projects require a turn-key approach from mitigation suitability assessment, to mitigation plan development and permitting, all the way to construction completion and success monitoring. HHNT is currently managing mitigation credit sales and success monitoring for multiple commercial mitigation banks and is in the development and permitting process for several more commercial mitigation banks in various states within the southeastern U.S.

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